Important Information regarding 

Annual Statements for pensioners

The Retiree must sign the form and mail it back to the Trust Fund. You don't need to have it notarize or singed by a Union Employee. This is an exception for the year 2020 only. 

All 652 retirees are welcome to join the club. These are some of the benefits when you join for $10 dollars per year:

  • Christmas Gifts

  • Trips

  • Dinners

  • Party’s

  • Vote during the Union Election.

  • Attend regular Membership meetings.

  • $5,000.00 Death Benefit for Retired Members that are in good standing as of April 1, 2007.  


The Retiree Council meets the second Sunday of every month at 1:00 p.m. at Laborers Local 652. If there is a change in meeting dates, a notice will be sent out. 

Retiree Union Dues

Retirees over the age of 62 dues are $10/Month.

Retirees under the age of 62 dues are $16/Month.


Please contact our office shortly before you turn 62 so that we can adjust your account and collect or deduct the correct monthly union dues amount.

Any active Retiree who attends 8 or more General Membership Meetings in 2020 will receive a Navy Blue AKWA hooded zip up sweatshirt.

Check Off Dues

We want to encourage all of our active retirees to sign up for automatic union dues deduction through our pension funds. Registering for the automatic deduction will authorize the Construction Laborers Pension Trust Fund or the Laborers National Pension Fund to withdraw the amount of your monthly dues from your pension benefit and send them directly to the Local Union for processing.

All new enrollees will receive a Laborers Local 652 vest

Please contact our office 714-542-7203 for further information

Congrats on your retirement!Less

Richard Brickman

Jose L. Gutierrez

Pedro Viveros

Rafael L. Lemus

Sergio G. Dominguez

William D. Wright

Eric K. Hannon

Manuel Hurtado

Benjamin Alfaro

Alfonso Ramos

Aurelio Torres Lopez

Retirees Club Officers

Antonio “Tony” Mendoza 


Gene Esparza

Vice-President/ Recording Secretary

Antonia Otero


Carlos Falcon


Sigifredo Lopez 


William “Willy” Saldana


Vicente Salcedo